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Ozone Kitesurf IMP Trainer Kites 2008

The IMP Trainer

The IMP kite is an open cell foil kite designed with ease of use, enjoyment and quality in mind. It is a very stable kite with smooth and easy control characteristics, making it easy to fly, delivering performance and most of all it is lots of fun.

This version of the Imp comes with a bar control system and can be used by kite surf schools and people wanting to learn the basics of kite handling with the idea to progress to kite surfing or snow kiting. If the kiter gets into trouble they simply let go the bar and the kite will fall to the ground with no power. Then pick the bar back up and get going again.

The Imp has been built to the same exacting standards as our other range of technical Power kites using the same materials and construction techniques. The Imp has incredible stability, direct handling and flies perfectly in light or strong winds with a wide wind window.

The Imp is supplied ready to fly with the lines already attached.

For experienced flyers, itís the perfect gift for friends and family. Help introduce them to kiting without any stress and watch them fall in love with kiting in safety so they can progress to power-kiting with confidence.

Who is this kite designed for?
The Imp Trainer is the perfect kite for beginners or if you want a fun kite to use occasionally.
The small size is ideal for children, watch them fall in love with kiting, a pure and dynamic sport.



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