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Nobile Kiteboarding 666 NHP Kite 2008

Nobile 666 NHP Kitesurf Kite

Who is it for?

Unhooked riding, new or old school freestyle and riders that still like the classic C shape feeling but want real levels of de-power. If you still yearn for the feeling of a classic C, but value the benefits the flatter kites have to offer, you will feel instantly at home on the NHP kite.

Key points

Fast, direct bar feel

Massive de-power range

Axial turning for better kite looping and freestyle performance

Hybrid levels of stability and ease of use

5th line security and re-launch assistance

Natural Arc shaping with enhanced 5th line configuration

FULCRUM Quick release

SMART pump inflation

20m+5m line configuration

Evolved 5 line Hybrid

The NHP features our evolved 5 line layout. In most cases 5 line kites have limited depower due to the inability of the front lines to shift forwards during de-powering because of their xed position on the leading edge. This xed position, however, gives the direct, responsive feel normally associated with C shape kites. By creating a 2 position front line attachment we have kept the direct, responsive feel but allowed the centre of e-ort to move forward enhancing the de-power capabilities of the NHP. This unique layout also provides for 8 leading edge support attachment points which enables us to use a more e cient, narrower diameter front tube without the associated instability issues.

The NHP complete kite package contains:

FULCRUM Quick Release

20m+5m Flying lines

Ergonomic Carbon Control Bar

Safety Leash (with Quick Release)

XL Pump

Padded Backpack

Repair and Spares Kit



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