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Nobile Kiteboarding 555 Kite 2008

Nobile 555 Kitesurf Kite

Who is it for?

Free-riders looking to boost their confidence with maximum versatility, huge wind range and direct bar sheeting with out the classic bow draw backs of heavy bar pressure, Slow steering and poor unhooked performance. The Nobile 555 also features incredibly simple re-launch, superb ease of use and 4 line Hybrid simplicity to ensure your peace of mind in all conditions.

Key points

4 line simplicity

Huge range…….awesome power yet massive de-power

Intuitive, fast re-launch

Huge lift and hang time

Controlled turning with a comfortable blend between axial and pivotal movement

Super stable gusty wind performance

Natural Arc Shaping with SLE Hybrid form.

Light yet still direct bar pressure (no pulleys)

FULCRUM Quick release

SMART pump inflation

20m+5m line configuration

Extended Depower Range

Nobile kites unique SLE con guration on the 555 allows for increased de-power over conventional 5 line kites without having to resort to pulleys on the bar ends and the lack of feeling they bring as found on many bow kites. By linking the forward and rear sections of the bridle with a pulley directly attached to the LE the centre of effort is allowed to shift forwards during de-powering whilst at the same time the front lines are able to move towards the centre of the kite exagerating the change in the angle of attack. This enables us to design in a far greater wind range (upper and lower wind strengths) into the Nobile 555 kite which in turn allows you to have less kites in your quiver.

The 555 complete kite package contains:

FULCRUM Quick Release

20m+5m Flying lines

Ergonomic Carbon Control Bar

Safety Leash (with Quick Release)

XL Pump

Padded Backpack

Repair and Spares Kit



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