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Best Kiteboarding 2007 Trainer Kite

Best has developed a trainer kite that will allow anyone to get his/her foot in the door. The Best Trainer Kite has a little more size to it than our competitor smallest kites, giving a pull more similar to that of the larger inflatable kites you will be using once you are ready to get into the water.

Whether your goal is kiteboarding, landboarding, or snowkiting, the Best trainer kite is great for learning the basics of kite control, and is a fun, inexpensive way to decide whether kiteboarding is the sport for you. You ca not go wrong with a trainer as your first purchase: there is no substitute for time spent flying the kite. Plus, you will still have it later when you are ready to teach your friends! The Best Trainer Kite comes complete with bar and lines. A printable instruction manual can be downloaded from the website.



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