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Takoon Kiteboarding eNova2 Kites 2008

Program: freeride, wave riding, wake style.

-Simplicity, safety, easy re-launch, huge wind range.

-Equiped with the new NOV bar

-Sizes : 5, 7, 9, 12m≤

The eNova2 is a kite really easy to handle while keeping a great level of performance. It is a light kite, stable and easy to relaunch. This second generation is more rigid in the air and has more reactivity. Bar pressure is direct and gives accurate kite control and depower is more efficient.

What's new?

-The overall performance is optimised thanks to a more aerodynamical profile.

- The Dacron material on the tips offers more stiffness.

- The eNova2 is still very light because it only has 5 struts, and itís a kite that has a medium aspect ratio.

-Depower ability is really efficient with a good bar feeling, light but still effective.

-The eNova2 is reinforced at the critical points in order to obtain a strong and reliable kite.



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