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Takoon Kiteboarding Furia Kites 2008

Takoon Furia Kitesurfing Kite

Takoon is proud to introduce their new kitesurf kite, THE FURIA!! This kite was developed in close relationship with Takooon's team riders. Takoon's target was an obvious one, to offer a kite with the best performance in both freestyle and wave riding. Some people thought that flat profile kites couldn’t be efficient in freestyle, so.... Takoon proposes a technical and fast kite with the advantages of the Nova concept: wide wind range; easy re-launch by pulling on a rear line and more safety in simplicity. This kite is ideal for all levels of rider so you will never out grow it!!

The result has now reached us. The era of the Furia has come!!
In the hand the Takoon Furia is ultra light and responsive. The bar feeling is very direct [C kite like] to be precise whilst piloting. Piloting is the word because the Furia is a really fast kite and therefore enables kiteloops at ease and big wave riding. Jumping ability is excellent with instant punch upwards and a huge amount of lift and hangtime. While riding, the kite never falls out of the sky. Depower is efficient, just push the bar out and it slows down which is ideal for gusty conditions. The kite's upwind ability is also excellent. The NEW MAX bar is easy to handle and to use.
Takoon's target was to reduce the surface tips, to reduce drag, increase turning ability and get a better control in strong wind. The surface gained went to the centre of the kite where stiffness and and power are needed. Deep profile gives low end power and good hang time. So the central strut is longer and the tips are narrower, more power is acheived while drag is reduced. The kite is more aerodynamic. These aspects give the Furia unique turning ability for a flat profile kite. The specific leading edge design along with the new shape allow the kite to turn on the tip, which is perfect for tricks and unhooked kiteloops.
In comparison to the Takoon Nova2, the Furia has: more bar pressure; is much faster; gets more turning ability and has a narrower wind range but is still very efficient!

The MAX bar: The last innovations of the Max bar allow a perfect integration of the safety leash, perfect for infinite loops. The new Max winder allows the rider to 2 bar sizes in 1. Basically you will be able to use 1 bar for all kite sizes. Contains ultimate flying lines; The PU extension prevents rope from rattling; The adjustable stopper allows you to trim the depower length; Foam protection; Bar winder - 2 bar sizes in 1; 3D grip meileure for more comfort and precision; Integrated safety line, safety leash connection point; Mini clam cleat system allows you to trim the power of the kite; The swivel allows you to untwist the safety leash after rotation; Quick release - Afnor certified; Security pin for unhooked riding; A new safety leash with full foam protection is delivered with the Furia for more comfort.
Single point of inflatrion: This feature allows the rider to pump up the kite from a single inflation point making set up and pack down so much easier!
Easy to use reference points on the wingtips for different styles of riding.
New leading edge design
Dacron cloth on trailing edge: This stops flutter when in flight and also reduces wear when sitting on the beach on a windy day.
Narrow tips: Having narrow tips makes the kite more aerodynamic, fly faster, more responsive and easy to use. The kite turns much easier and is more solid and light in the air.
5 struts unique location: The 5 struts unique location also ensures that the kite is more aerodynamic, responsive and easy to use.

Available Sizes:
7 Metre
9 Metre
11 Metre
13 Metre



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