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Slingshot Kiteboarding Turbo 3 Kites 2008

The NEW Slingshot TURBO3 has evolved past traditional bow kites to incoporate our delta style canopy/LE configuration. Riders of all abilities will discover a 4 line bow kite that delivers all the requirements of unmatched range, instant 100% de-power, saftey and instant re-launch ability. Just ask the insiders that work at Slingshot what they ride.

"Anyone looking for unmatched flexibility to suit their personal style or preferences needs to fly this kite and find out for themselves why itís the leading all around performer. The TURBO3 has the finest combination of ease of use and performance." Amery Bernard, Slingshot Sports Kite Designer.

"The Turbo series has made kiteboarding fun again. Simplicity is my big deal. The TURBO3 not only makes it fun, it also gives me more flexiblity and meets my basic needs. Easy set up, a solid hands on feel at the bar to control power, and finally peace of mind because of it's built in saftey". Jeff D. Logosz, Slingshot Sports President.

The TURBO3 comes with the NEW Fullstroke Convertible 4 line control bar. This control bar comes complete with two, easy to use, options:

In 2:1 mode, it utilizes pulleys on the bar for maximum de-power, low end range, turning speed and responsiveness making the TURBO3 the most user friendly kite to get you up and going.

In 1:1 mode, the more advanced performance features of lighter bar pressure, smoother handling and direct feel are enhanced making the TURBO3 an ideal kite for the most advanced rider.

The Fullstroke Convertible 4 line control bar also features the industryís leading 4 line Center Safety System * that places the safety leash attachment below the bar and closer to the rider.

Massive vertical boost / lofty hang time, unmatched wind range and extremely responsive turning speeds are a few key characteristics of the delta-bow design.
Extremely responsive turning that maintains power through the stroke is a unique result of the delta-bow design.
Amazing low end grunt delivered with smooth controllable power for riders who are still improving their board skills and meets the needs of light wind enthusiasts.
Unmatched upwind-ability.
Custom feel and direct response with the FULLSTROKE CONVERTIBLE 4 LINE CONTROL BAR.
Unsurpassed in-flight stability and overall quality is a result of the bomber Slingshot Legendary Construction and canopy design.

TURBO3 kite
Fullstroke Convertible 4-line Control Bar w/ Center Safety System
Kite backpack
Jenna J Double pump
Repair kit
TURBO3 Quick Start Guide



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