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Airush Kite Reactor

Although the Reactor has seen another year of refinement, the legacy remains the same.

The Reactor is not for everyone. Designed to turn on a dime and reach warp speed blasting through the window, this kite requires precise rider input. Its legendary drive builds an increasing group of core followers each year.

Watch Tom Herbert throw a 20-foot kiteloop handlepass or Felix Pivec blast out of a lip, and the Reactors thoroughbred performance is obvious. The Pro choice.

Tech Features :

Increased depower due to reduced Span/Chord ratio.
High performance C-Kite design
Fine entry foil for maximum speed and upwind ability
Versatile 5 Line/4 Line Bar design

"The 06 Reactor is the ultimate performance kite"
- SBC Kiteboard Mag March 06

Sizes :

Reactor 4
Reactor 7
Reactor 9
Reactor 12
Reactor 15
Reactor 18
Reactor 22

Designed for 25 m. Flying lines



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