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Airush Kite Lift

C-Kite simplicity with the legendary Lift Performance

In its 6th year, the Lift remains a benchmark for all-around performance C kites. The focus on the 07 Lifts has been to increase the smoothness of the power delivery and to deliver consistent performance through all sizes.

Further refinements in construction have increased seam, trailing edge, and wingtip reinforcement as well as improving panel orientation to remove any span-wise seams from the front 60% of the canopy. This ensures improved foil shape under load and better long term performance.

Tech Features :

Smooth power delivery
Refined C-Kite design
Consistent performance in all sizes
Versatile 5 Line/4 Line Bar design

Sizes :

Lift 6
Lift 8
Lift 10
Lift 12
Lift 14
Lift 16

Designed for 25 m. Flying lines



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