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Airush Kite Flow

BOW Versatility, C-Kite functionality

We put an incredible amount of energy into building a true hybrid kite that combines the incredible wind range and sheeting ability of a BOW kite with the direct steering and bar simplicity of a 4-line kite.

Originally developed as an all-around freeride kite, the combination of depower and positive steering has made the Flow hugely popular with our wave testers. By moving to a less swept wingtip when compared to a pure BOW design, the Flow requires less bar movement to achieve a given amount of depower while almost eliminating bar pressure. This unique geometry has allowed us to run a bar system that does not need the outside pulleys and gives the Flow excellent unhooked performance combined with incredible rider feedback and sensitivity.

Tech Features :

Versatile Hybrid design
Optimum combination of performance and ease of use
No bar pulleys ensure direct steering and reduced bar pressure

Sizes :

Flow SLE 5
Flow SLE 7
Flow SLE 10
Flow SLE 12
Flow SLE 14
Flow SLE 16

Designed for 25 m. Flying lines



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