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RRD Robertoriccidesigns Type 9 Kite 2008

RRD Type 9 (Complete)
RRDs first supported leading edge 4-line kite. Designed to combine performance with maximum depower and control. This kite really is aimed at every rider!! Currently the stock kites have Miguel Fernandez at the top of the KPWT freestyle tour, whilst the wave riders are loving the super responsiveness and hooked or unhooked performance. You can choose your performance level simply by moving the attachment points of the back lines and the bar settings, but all levels offer amazing depower. We really think you could teach from waterstart to kiteloop handlepass on these, and any wave rider would be lovin them!! One pump comes as standard, along with reinforced struts and trailing edge. CDC allows us to have a wrinkle-free canopy.

Neal Gent:
"beautifully simple! Four lines, one pump, one bar! A kite for all conditions! At the weekend I rode the 9m on a twintip in 20-25knots and was getting rocket air but still making kiteloops and powered moves, then the next day I rode the same kite on a surfboard in 15 knots cross-offshore and had a mental riding session-they are so quick and responsive I rarely got into trouble even when I put the kite in some dumb places I could rescue it easily! They relaunch really easily as well."



Gutschein Zalando