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RRD Robertoriccidesigns Hyper Type II Kite 2008

RRD Hyper Type II
A success that keeps evolving. The reference hybrid kite in the market that has set a new standard for a mix of:

Superior Power
Easy de-power
Light Bar pressure
Easy Re-launch

Nothing can be more clear and easy to be tested! The new HyperType II takes into account the features of the HyperType1 and goes one step further. Technology of construction. The HT II has a full list of technology details that make it a new step for state of the art reference:

New SPS system with a new invisible inflating valve. The inflating valve has been redesigned and is now completely moulded inside the PU tube, underneath the Dacron layer. A stronger, more durable and lighter inflating valve for the single pump system that
improves quick inflating and durability!
Insignia double tape leech. Our classic exclusive standard reinforced leech that improves resistance and reduces fluttering.
PVC round label strut end protectors. In order to prevent abrasion on the strut end and increase the finishing effect of a hiperformance.
Metallic PU strut end reinforcements. A thin layer of PU with metallic interior is used to improve durability of the strut end.
DP 175 LL Dacron and Tejin T9600 Canopy. We only use the best materials available in the market that are surely tested over the years with unmatched resistance to UV exposure and durability to salt water. A top performance kite can only be built with top level materials.

Design features
The HyperType II has been computer designed with a remarked attention to the smallest seam accuracy in order to achieve a cleaner, almost wrinkle-free profile.
Our main focus when designing the HyperType II has been:
Increasing stability when completely de-powered (especially on sizes 9 and 7). This has been achieved with a deeper profile of the body towards the LE and through slightly wider tips.
Improved manouverability on sizes 15 and 12, in order to achieve a better versatility of use for freeride/freestyle kiters. This has been achieved with slightly wider tips and higher tip leech tension.
Cutaway leech in order to increase stability of the trailing edge and prevent fluttering.
New reinforced bridle with replaceable spectra rope on pulleys area.



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