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Ocean Rodeo kiting Diablo Kites 2008

5th Line C/SLE Hybrid Machine! Kite Complete (no pump)

A Devil of a kite!

The fastest turning C kite we have ever produced is also uniquely engineered for an incredibly smooth and exhilarating flight. Built for riders who demand instant response and power the Diablo is designed for kite loops, un-hooked and new school riding!

The Diablo is the only C shaped kite that truly penetrates the window and goes upwind like a high aspect ratio kite yet maintains low bar pressure and pivots on its wingtip for incredibly fast turns. Want more The Convert Attachment Points allow you to fine tune your kite to match your style. Wake to Surf to ATV!

Style: Trim Adjustable 5th Line C
The 2007 Diablo features our unique 5th Line System! The trim adjustable 5th line bears no load under normal flight. Dynamic kite transitions can cause kite canopy and leading edge distortion that are now prevented with our Trim Adjustable 5th Line System!



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