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Northkiteboarding Evo Kites 2008

- Good light wind performance
- Forgiving flying characteristics
- Fast turning High durability
- 4- or 5-line setup
- Bridge Profile design
- Kevlar reinforcements
- Solid Dacron trailing edge
- Sizes: 5 / 7 / 9 / 10 / 12 / 15

Never before has performance been so easy! Impressive light wind abilities, an enormous range, forgiving flying characteristics and easy bar feeling are just some of the unique features of the new North Evo. The Evo's precise steering response always delivers predictable and controlled jumps even if your take-off is not perfect. The innovative Bridge Profile geometry optimizes airflow and gets you up and planing in extremely light air even when the Evo is fully over-sheeted. This profile balances the load distribution around the leading edge which prevents the Evo from ever back-stalling and is the key to it's acceleration in light wind. With its simple bridle configuration the Evo can be used with a four-line bar or with the 5th Element. In 4 Line mode the Evo is ideal for everyone who favors easy water relaunch and simple handling, while the 5th Element mode additionally stabilizes the kite for optimized performance, direct handling and the best safety. With it's solid Dacron trailing edge and kevlar reinforcement, the Evo is rigidly constructed for maximum durability even in extreme conditions.

EVO08 5mē - 160cm
EVO08 7mē - 184cm
EVO08 9mē - 247cm
EVO08 10mē - 273cm
EVO08 12mē - 292cm
EVO08 15mē - 328cm



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