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Naish Kiteboarding Torch Kite Sigma Serie 2008

The 2008 Torch is aimed at a wide range of kiters from intermediates looking for controllability and wind range, to top-level riders looking for the ultimate power freestyle kite. New Smart Paneling in the wing tips increases the control of turn completion and improve depower smoothness,
providing the advantages of a power C-Kite with the
depower range approaching that of an SLE.

The Torch also remains the choice of Naish’s International Freestyle Team Riders due to the kites consistent and predictable power band, which delivers the fast flying and precise pop our top riders demand.
Coupled with the new Double Depower or Shift System, outrageous speed, and effortless rotation, the 2008 Torch returns to defend its World Wide Test winning status and remains the most technically perfect performance C-kite
in existence.



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