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Nobile Kiteboarding Skimboard Boards 2008

18 months ago Nobile launched the worlds first Kite specific Skimboard. At the time kiting on a skim board was in its infancy, these days it's not unusual to find riders on skim boards and not just in light winds anymore.
For 2008 Nobile has maintained the winning shape that made Kite skim boarding accessible for everyone but has added a textured UV stable top sheet. This not only has the benefit of maintaining the good looks of your board over time but provides a non slip surface that is both easy to hold and gives extra traction should your feet be off the pads at any time.
The Nobile kite specific skim board is designed to be an inexpensive addition to your board bag that adds to your time on the water by working on the days when you wouldn't normally be able to ride.
The parallel sided outline and optional fins on our board enable better tracking and more stable riding whilst still maintaining a free and loose feel.
Ride with or without fins depending on your preference. With - providing positive tracking, better upwind ability and easier riding, without - for a skatier feel and the ability to ride in incredibly shallow water.



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