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Nobile Kiteboarding Shinn Wave Boards 2008

New for 2008, Nobile is proud to announce the Shinn Wave.
This board has been designed and developed over 12 months to make wave sailing as accessible and fun as possible through the application of advanced flex control and snowboard construction techniques. A dedicated directional or 60/40 twin the choice is yours, this board really does have something to offer novice waveriders up to experts alike.

Classic surfboards provide a unique experience for riders of the highest ability. However, in the development of this board we've tried to recognise that not everyone has either the opportunity to ride in perfect conditions nor the time needed to master the techniques required to enjoy a dedicated board to the fullest.

Creating a high flex composite core and 3 step tail design has allowed us to divert from the normal high rockers associated with wave boards and their associated poor planing performance. With the help of the single progressive concave hull and tucked ABS rails we've created a board that planes early, flies upwind and yet still provides grip and drive through the bottom turn, tight snappy off the lips and insane slashes.

If you're not confident of your gybes (or just looking to get out of an uncomfortable situation fast) the nose fins offer a genuine solution to riding both ways yet are small enough to avoid catching when riding waves.

In order to make the board as versatile as possible large 12 mm moulded EVA pads are supplied pre attached and this board features our new dedicated wave strap. Stance positions are provided for both in line directional riding and offset twin riding.

The Shinn wave is aimed at riders looking to achieve more "bite" in their wave riding in all conditions without committing to a full surf orientated directional.



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