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Nobile Kiteboarding Shinn Twin Boards 2008

For 2008 the Shinn range has been completely re modeled starting with a new 3-D top mould. In an effort to increase the versatility of the range even more we've used a 3 step design that increases the flex over the whole nose and tail areas of the board. The effect of this is to provide faster and smoother turns whilst maintaining a super smooth feeling in the water no matter how difficult the conditions. Changing the mould allowed us to redesign the composite core build to allow high flex in the tips but also increase flex response speeds (the speed the board returns to its normal position after flexing) making the board soft and comfortable to ride but still lively without losing any of its high performance characteristics.
Next, we modified the outline to further straighten the centre sections between your feet (the area working to enhance board tracking and grip) and create a smoother evolution into the curved nose and tail areas of the board, the areas responsible for carving and control in difficult conditions.
To further enhance the unique character of the Shinn range for 2008 we've added a synthetic leather finish, it doesn't change the performance but it certainly helps the way the board looks!
Being an advanced rider doesn't mean you have to specialize in wakestyle. If your looking for a board that planes fast, turns hard and makes the most out of the widest range of conditions then this might be the board for you.



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