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Nobile Kiteboarding NBL Boards 2008

The NBL range is designed for the beginner to intermediate level kiteboarder looking for a modern, advanced flex technology board at a reasonable price. Many brands selling kiteboards at the lower end of the price scale utilize old, out of date technology. The NBL range includes many of the features found on much higher priced ranges to create what we believe is the best value for money board on the market today.
The core of these boards is full wood, giving fast flex response, low vibration, outstanding durability and remarkably low weight and when combined with the 3D mould, that's been designed to allow extreme flex in the tip areas, gives a range of boards that are early planning and fast upwind yet remain extremely easy to use and above all forgiving of mistakes. The Elliptical Progressive Concave (first featured on the 2005 Nobile 555 range) combines the benefits of both full concave and flat boards further enhancing the performance and comfort.



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