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Best Kiteboarding 2007 Flow Boards

Established as the leading high performance wide board, and relied upon by all of our team riders when they need to extract maximum efficiency from their kite but still keep that small board feel and control, the Float series delivers performance and true versatility.

In response to riders requests for a board that has a higher width to length ratio to use with the Waroo, enabling maximum upwind and minimum drag; even when riding in the lightest winds we are proud to announce the new Float series.

Two new sizes offer choices for the ideal light wind board for the average rider, or the perfect choice for all conditions for heavier riders, the Float series boards are truly versatile performers. With refined shapes and flex characteristics for 07, we have broadened their appeal even more.

Offset strap positions place rider weight over the heel edge, making the Float easier to rail than any other wide board when the wind picks up. whilst other riders have to switch down to a smaller board you can stay out all day on the Float taking full advantage of the huge wind range of you new 07 Best kites.

If versatility is your middle name then say hello and shake hands with your new Best friend, the new Float series.



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