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Takoon Kiteboarding Tata Kiteboard 2008

The new Data is designed for kitesurfers who are looking for a versatile board, freeride program. It inherits the Kick outline and the innovative construction of the new Sutra, ABS rails with 100% wood core.

132*39cm / 138*40 / 145*42cm

The Data suits the intermediate riders, who will appreciate the fact that they can progress with it, without having to change the board after 6 months.

On the water, the board is really comfortable and easy to ride. The Data is fluid in every condition, the best compromise between comfort, handiness and easy upwind.

Technical emphasis has been put on the core construction: snowboard construction associated with a 100% wood core to get a better flex, a good pop and a durable board.

The exclusive mix “3D hull/wood core” optimises the « asymmetrical flex control ». This process allows to get more pop at the center of the board and to make supple the tips for softer landings.

The volume on the decks makes for a lighter board that spreads out the pressure on the board evenly so that it can give immediate feedback to the rider.

The Data board has progressive rails, which are thicker in the middle for comfort and thinner at the tips for softer landing to ensure that it doesn’t get stuck in choppy waters.

The Data board comes with adjustable ergonomic straps, new 3D softer pads with easy trimming, a new ergonomic grab handle and four 5.4cm G10 fins.



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