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Slingshot Kiteboarding Squash Tail SST Kites 2008

“The 6’2” Slingshot Squash Tail is the ideal crossover board for surfers who kite.” Chief Designer Tony Logosz.

The SST, designed by John Doyle, is made for the advanced surfer who wants to kitesurf. Because of its unique shape and size the SST provides excellent planeability, glide and drive in the waves.

The optimal way to enjoy this board is to use the kite to “tow” into a wave then completely depower the kite and use your body and board to surf the wave and carry you down the line. The broader shape of the tail area results in precision stability and control.

The SST’s performance shines when ridden with or without straps. The SST is comparable to a paddle board and can be ridden as a true surfboard. The 6’2” size makes it the only board you need to carry on a kiteboarding/surfing trip.

The SST, high performance kitesurfing.

Deep concave in foot area: strong bottom turn bite
Flat rocker: superior glide
Traditional surf shape 6’2”: can be ridden with kite or paddled alone
EPS Core: lightweight and responsive
Divynacel wrap: added strength and durability
Inserts: ride it strapped or strapless
Wider tail width: stability and control
Overall shape: excellent planeability and glide
Slingshot Legendary Construction: bomber quality

Package includes:

SST deck *
Qty 3: 4.5” surf fins
Qty 1: Doyle Symmetrical Foot Pad and Strap
Qty 1: NEWLY DESIGNED Surf Traction Pad



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