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Airush Boards Converse

Kite / Surf / Kite / Surf

This revelation in versatility has changed the way many riders view wave riding. Smaller kites, bigger boards, strapped, strapless with dedicated surf performance for no wind situations.

The higher volume and ability to run a smaller kite means you can ride more vertically with more snap than imaginable a few years ago.

Tech Features :

Airush introduced the first true convertible in 2006 and have taken this concept to a new level for 07.
New 6,0 Model for lighter riders and higher wind conditions.
Developed specifically to replace your light wind kite board in your quiver and give you the freedom to have one board for traveling - surfing and kiting.
Available in a limited edition wood version for increased response and durability.
Specification :

Model Length Width Fin
Converse 6,2 189.5 47.5 (18"3/4)G5 FCS Glass
Converse 6,0 183 46 (18"1/4) G5 FCS Glass
Converse Wood 6,2 189.5 47.5 (18"3/4) G5 FCS Glass
Converse Wood 6,0 183 46 (18"1/4) G5 FCS Glass



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