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RRD Robertoriccidesigns Poison Kiteboarding 2008

RRD Poison LTD Edition
If you think about combining the most innovative technology of construction available with:

a fully wet sanded and polished finish, a megathin bottom foil with a sick high definition
photoprint, a stainless steel LTD signature nose plate, a state of the art accessory package and a top level, snowboard, laminar, woodcore technology,
then you have an idea of what this board line comes with. Just add a CNC shape with a definition of 0.5 mm steps consisting of a deep single concave
hull and torsion box designed tips and you have the 2008 POISON line!

Technology: Laminar woodcore/ABS sidewalls snowboard technology with
custom made top layup/GDC bottom sheet

Neal Gent:
"These are the most comfortable boards Iíve ridden to date! The new construction and outline make for the smoothest ride. Iím a huge fan of the new pads and straps. Perhaps aim for a bigger size than you would previously, cos these are soo smooth you can ride a bigger board when powered up, which makes landing moves and developing pop even easier. They also look amazing!"

134 x 43 (Black)
133 x 42 (Green)
132 x 41 (Red)
131 x 40 (Orange)
130 x 39 (Blue)
129 x 38 (Brown)



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