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Northkiteboarding Rocketfish Boards 2008

Shaped and tested by John Amundson on O'ahu's North Shore, the 2008 Rocket Fish line was designed around the concept of modern high performance shortboard surfboards. The 2008 Rocket Fish range now features three new surf-specific models. These boards are all about high performance, top-to-bottom surfing and in-the-pocket snaps and gauges. A pulled in tail outline and extra tail rocker drives you through the bottom turn and is incredibly snappy off the top. These designs turn very tight and allow the rider to go places on the wave they never could go before.
Properly sized to the rider, these designs will allow the rider to surf waves with little influence from the kite. If you prefer powered up turns with more kite power these designs work great as well. The 2008 Rocketfish surfboards work very well strapped or strapless, hooked or unhooked.
All three sizes have the same performance characteristics with an emphasis on matching size of board to size of rider. For example, a 183 cm. man might want to ride the 6'0'' and a 152 cm. girl might be more comfortable on the 5'6''m.


Developed for lighter riders this board gives you controlled, bounce free bottom turns and snappy cutbacks.

Designed for medium weight riders this board works in everything from small to big surf. Great drive and control through the bottom turn allows you to go more vertical than you’ve ever done before.

Designed for heavier riders, this board has the same snappy turns and high performance as the smaller boards but volume additional volume and planing surface providing early planing and great upwind performance. This board also works great as a light wind tool for lighter or medium weight riders.



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