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Northkiteboarding Phantom Boards 2008

- Outstanding Light Wind Performance
- Super Early Planning
- Maximum Performance and Control
- Medium to Soft Flex
- Lightning Fast

The concept:
One of the secrets to the success of this range is the parabolic outline. This gives you the longest possible water line, which ensures outstanding upwind performance and directional stability. The cut-out tip shape reduces the wet area and lowers the friction, and provides you with all the speed you can dream of. The rounded toeside outline makes the board lively and is super for those full speed toeside carves.
The 2008 Phantoms are the most dynamically efficient shapes we have ever made. Try them and you will be blown away by their performance and ease of use!

Phantom 135
Lightning fast, total control…

Amazing speed and total control are the first things that come to mind when riding the new Phantom 135. This board is a true missile, designed for riders who demand the ultimate in speed and high wind racing. How fast do you dare to go?

Phantom 145
The free-racer…

Want to blast upwind effortlessly with astonishing speed, leaving your buddies or fellow race competitors struggling in the trail water? Want to have a blast while other kiters are stranded on the beach?
The new Phantom 145 is the ultimate fun-race board and high performance cruiser. This board has outstanding upwind performance, great control and gives a comfortable ride, even in demanding conditions. The refined parabolic outline gives the board a long water line and, believe it or not, this board goes upwind pretty much by itself.
This might be the most efficient board shape you have ever ridden.

Phantom 155
Light wind cruiser
The new Phantom 155 is the benchmark for early planing and exceptional upwind performance. The parabolic outline, moderate sidecut and large surface area in combination with a flat rocker and good amount of flex gives you outstanding performance even in the lightest breeze. The cut in tailshape gives you superior control in rough conditions for a board of this size. With this board you’ll be going earlier than you ever dreamed of!
Due to its ease of use and high level of comfort, this board is also perfect for beginners. With a Phantom 155 under your feet you’ll be up and riding in no time!



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