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Northkiteboarding Freestylefish Boards 2008

- Epic Sessions in Crappy Waves
- Easy to Ride & Jibe
- Amazing Light wind Performance
- Skyhook Tail & Front Pad
- Strapped or Strapless
- Light and Durable
- Custom Finish

Frustrated with bad conditions? If you can't ride in Hawaii, Tahiti or Mauritius you need a Freestyle Fish!
The width of the free-fish makes it stable and easy to ride while the extremely short length helps it fit snugly in the tight pocket of small waves. A rocker that fits your stance gives you total control over the whole board so you can slash with style. The slight concave and rail shape makes the board stick to the water so you don't have to be Kelly Slater to ride strapless.
If jibing has ever been a problem, the symmetrical outline combined with the width and rocker will take care of that.
Need a light wind weapon? Look no further...the Freestyle Fish has enough surface and volume to get you up and riding while everyone else is beached!
Tired of taking a beating every time you do freestyle? It won’t do laundry for you but for anything else there's the Freestyle Fish.
Strapped or strapless, the challenge of riding a surfboard is there even if the conditions are not!

"Throughout the development of the Freestyle Fish I’ve found myself having epic sessions in onshore mush and crappy wind swell…places where I never would have expected to have fun on a wave board before!"
-Jaime Herraiz.

5’0 – 153cm x 48cm / 3,3 kg



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