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Naish Kiteboarding Haze Kiteboard 2008

The Haze range is the world’s most popular, longest running kiteboard model due to its versatile performance and reliable durability. As good as the previous Haze boards have been however, they can’t compare to the 2008 Haze. Every aspect of the board has reached new levels of excellence making the Haze the right choice for all riders desiring an easy to ride, high-flex, freeride twin tip at an exceptional value.
The 2008 Haze is constructed with the same all-new and Naish exclusive solid wood core as the Thorn and Sol. The lamination is tuned to Naish’s exclusive Enhanced Active Flex characterized by a unique combination of a smooth and fluid ride with springy, fun making the 2008 Haze the easiest board to ride that we have ever made. This Active Flex works in conjunction with the new Haze outline to balance the
efficiency of the Thorn with the ease of use of the Sol.

Sizes:129 x 38, 133 x 39, 137 x 40, 142 x 41, 148 x 42, XL 145.5 x 46.5.



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