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Naish Kiteboarding Custom Wave Kiteboard 2008

The 5 models of boards are grouped into three ranges: Carve Rocker, Fast Rocker and Fish.

The Carve Rocker (CR) models are hand shaped, uncompromised surf designs. With wider widths, curvier outlines, higher rockers, and fuller rails, the CR range lets you carve waves the way you were meant to. The snappy responsiveness and versatility of the CR is excellent for riding with footstraps or unstrapped, hooked or unhooked, kiting into waves or paddling into them.

The Fast Rocker (FR) range shares a lower rocker line combined with narrower widths, gunnier outlines, and thinner rails. The result is the FR range delivering absolutely reliable performance in all conditions, including higher speeds and larger waves.

The Fish Rocker (FSH) range are wide and thick, designed to be fun and loose at the slower speeds from smaller waves and lighter winds.

All boards come fully equipped with front and rear EVA deck pads, two flexible yet supportive adjustable footstraps, fiberglass premium wave fins, and stainless steel mounting hardware.


SKU: 17207
Price: $ 975.00


Choose size:
5'5" (FSH)
5'6" (CR)
5'10" (FR)
6'1" (CR)
6'6" (FSH



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