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PASA, IKO, & Methods Certified Kiteboarding Instructors
With 20+ Years power kiting experience, air is South Carolina’s only dedicated kite sports shop and school. In fact, we're the only dedicated kiteboarding store between North Carolina and Northern Florida. With more than 850 students taking air's kite classes since 2002, our instructors have both credentials and EXPERIENCE!

With "Challenge by Choice" as air's motto, our personal trainers will help you're skills progress quickly, comfortably and safely. Plus, by incorporating the best techniques, lesson plans,and teaching methods from the Big 3 certification academies, Air's kiteboarding school is incredibly unique. And, we've created an excelerated program by using an exclusive short-line training system.

Low country wind conditions are just one reason we've based our kiteboarding school in Charleston, SC. With huge sandy beaches surrounding barrier islands, the South Eastern Low Country offers an incredible array of seasons with pristine beaches and beautiful winds.

This kiteschool uses the following brands:

- Cabrinha

- Crazy fly

- Dakine

- Flexifoil

- Globerider Kites

- Liquidforce

- Litewavedesigns

- MauiMagic

- Mysticboarding

- Naish

- Nobile Kiteboards

- Northkites

- Ocean Rodeo

- Ozone

- Pro Limit

- Underground

1313 Long Grove Drive
Mount Pleasant 29464
South Carolina
Phone: 843-388-9300
Home: www.catchsomeair.us

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