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South Adventures :: Kite School & Trips

Teaching since 2005, with a team of very experienced IKO level 2 instructors. 100% Mobile School... we teach were the wind is good! Rescue boat always available and all lessons are on waist deep lagoons. We provide the most easy and safe learning possible. Up to date North, Fone, Naish and Aboards equipment for teaching. Third party and self risk insurance. All levels accepted, including advanced freestyle teaching.

This kiteschool uses the following brands:

- Dakine

- F-one

- MauiMagic

- Mysticboarding

- Naish

- Northkites

South Adventures :: Kite School & Trips
Estrada Nacional 125, Nš134, Patacao
Faro 8005-511
Phone: +351916126300
Home: www.southadventures.com.pt

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