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Kite School Jersey

Kite School Jersey is Jersey’s first International Kiteboarding Organisation, (IKO) affiliated Kite Surfing school providing structured tuition under the stringent safety guidelines issued by the IKO.

The school provides a range of lesson programmes ranging from absolute beginner with no previous experience to expert 1 on 1 tuition. We also provide a full 2 day IKO certified programme enabling new students to be IKO accredited by the end of the lessons.

Kite School Jersey provides a fun and safe way to get going on a board. All equipment can be provided. You'll have a fun day on the beach and in the sea. Beginner boarders start here and end up loving the sport.

Our instructors are qualified and highly experienced providing everyone with maximum fun where safety comes first.

Whether you are already in Jersey or would like to combine your holiday to the island with a fantastic experience to take home with you, Kite School Jersey will have you hooked on the amazing and fast growing sport of Kiteboarding.

We are based on the island of Jersey. The location of each lesson depends on which way the wind is blowing.

The benefits of learning to Kiteboard on an island is that we can always find the best beach for each lesson whether the wind is blowing North, East, South or West. This means that safety and enjoyment can be maximised on every day of the week. Our most popular locations are St Ouen's Bay, Grouville Bay at Gorey and St Aubin's Bay. Clear directions will be provided each day.

This kiteschool uses the following brands:

- Airush

- Best Kiteboarding

- Cabrinha

- Crazy fly

- Dakine

- Liquidforce

- MauiMagic

- Mysticboarding

- Nobile Kiteboards

- Northkites

- Pro Limit

- Slingshot

- Takoon

Kite School Jersey
Channel Islands JE3 8FR
Great Britain
Phone: 07797 771687
Home: www,kiteschooljersey.com

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