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Marcos Kite school

Welcome to Marcs Kite School!

Professional Kitesurfing School

We are pleased to offer:
•Private kitesurfing lessons
•Group kitesurfing lessons
•Kiteboarding travel
•Beginner intro packages
•Recommendations and deals on the hottest gear

We teach kiteboarding on Boston / Cape Cod area beaches all day every day from mid-April until the end of October.

Why Take Kitesurfing Lessons?
It’s essential to take lessons before going out on your own for two reasons:

1) Your safety
2)You’ll save money in the long run

Our program is designed to provide a fast track to mastery while instilling you with a reflexive awareness of how to be safe. Our primary goal is your safety and enjoyment. Through focused instruction and pre / post lesson support, for 4 years we’ve taught with a dedication to the student unparalleled in the field of kiteboarding instruction. We have a flexible schedule to fit you in after work, on weekends or when you are available. We provide all gear during your lesson.

You don’t need to spend tons of money to learn the sport.
Our lesson plan is really very simple. We’ve analysed 31 kite skills a student needs to be able to ride
independently; we’ve developed step-by-step instructions to master each skill; on the beach we model the
skill for the student and support him / her as they carbon the skill from intellect to instinct. Students leave
each lesson with a clear sense of what skills they’ve mastered and what they need to do next. An essential
component to the instruction is ‘homework’ - practice points to do after the lesson. In this way, students can
become self-sufficient in as little as 2-to-4 lessons if entering as a novice.

This kiteschool uses the following brands:

- Cabrinha

- Dakine

- F-one

- Fanatic

- Gaastra

- Underground

Marcos Kite school
Guardino road
Fremont 94538
Phone: 123456
Home: www.kite-schools.com

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