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Northkites news:

Northkiteboarding Cesar Pro Boards 2008

Renowned for being one of the most powerful riders on the world tour... read more

Northkiteboarding Jaime Pro Boards 2008

The 2008 Jaime Series is bridging the gap between free-ride and freestyle. read more

Northkiteboarding Sky Pro Boards 2008

As the largest board in the Pro Series, the Sky is designed to suit Sky's size... read more

Northkiteboarding Mallory Pro Boards 2008

After turning heads on the PKRA in 2007 with his effortless style and cat-like landings, Mallory has helped... read more

Northkiteboarding Young Blood Boards 2008

The new generation of groms are here and they're taking over! Fast and poppy... read more

Northkiteboarding Paris Boards 2008

Tested and proven by Ania and Angela on the world cup, the new Paris is designed around women's... read more

Northkiteboarding Phantom Boards 2008

One of the secrets to the success of this range is the parabolic outline. This gives you the... read more

Northkiteboarding Freestylefish Boards 2008

Frustrated with bad conditions? If you can't ride in Hawaii, Tahiti or Mauritius you need a... read more

Northkiteboarding Rocketfish Boards 2008

Shaped and tested by John Amundson on O'ahu's North Shore, the 2008 Rocket Fish line was... read more

Northkites Xride 2008 Boards

Xride 2008 Boards

Maximum Comfort & Versatility... read more

Northkites Rocketfish 2007 Boards

Rocketfish 2007 Boards

Rocket Fish is the new light wind king. read more

Northkites Dragon 2007 Boards

Dragon 2007 Boards...

Fast Riding... read more

Northkites Youngblood 2007 Boards

Youngblood 2007 Boards

New School Board... read more

Northkites Paris 2007 Boards

Paris 2007 Boards

Best control... read more

Northkites Jaime Pro 2007 Boards

Jaime Pro 2007 Boards

Fast riding and good for power moves... read more

Northkites Phantom LW 2007 Boards

Phantom LW 2007 Boards

Early planning even in the lightest winds...
read more

Northkites Phantom M 2007 Boards

Phantom M 2007 Boards

Incredible upwind performance... read more

Northkites Sky Pro 2007 Boards

Sky Pro 2007 Boards

Excellent Up wind Performance... read more

Northkites Cesar Pro 2007 Boards

Cesar Pro 2007 Boards

New School... read more

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