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Cabrinha news:

Cabrinha Kites Prodigy Freeride Kiteboard 2008

The Prodigy is the perfect first board as it will get a rider tracking upwind with it easy to... read more

Cabrinha Kites Imperial Freestyle Kiteboard 2008

The Imperial continues to be the choice of riders who want to excel in all styles of riding... read more

Cabrinha Kites Custom core wake board 2008

The all new Custom wake board breaks away from the pack with an entirely new approach to bottom design... read more

Cabrinha Kites S Quad Kiteboard 2008

Kitesurfing has come full circle back to its surfing roots with the introduction of the S-Quad... read more

Cabrinha Kites Prodigy Boards

Freestyle - Freeride

The Prodigy is the easiest way to get yourself up and riding with the least amount of effort. read more

Cabrinha Kites Imperial Boards

Performance Freestyle - Freeride

For freestyle or freeriding, you’ll have the confidence to take off or land your trick anywhere . . . in control. read more

Cabrinha Kites Custom Boards

Wakestyle - Freeride

The Custom is a performance model with excellent pop. read more

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