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Liquid Force Kiteboarding Proof Boards 2008

The idea behind the Proof family of twin tip boards was to create a board that... read more

Liquid Force Kiteboarding Surfboard Rawson Boards 2008

Liquid Force has teamed up with world renown North Shore shaper Pat Rawson to create... read more

Liquid Force Kiteboarding MIG Kites 2008

The Mig is the Classic hard core C kite Good for flat water, wave and park riding... read more

Liquid Force Kiteboarding Session Kites 2008

The Session is LFs newest SLE. Modeled after the Havoc, this kite is a little flatter with... read more

Liquid Force Kiteboarding Hi Fi Kites 2008

The HiFi is LFs new flat water, wave, competition oriented kite... read more

Liquid Force Kiteboarding Havoc Kites 2008

The Havoc is back with a few changes to make it the best SLE on the market... read more

JN Kites Jochum Nesler Fish an Chips Kites 2008

Surfers started skimboarding when the waves were breaking in shallow water... read more

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